Maryann Lawler


These are quotes from just a few of our hundreds of satisfied customers; additional references are available upon request. We pride ourselves on being the professionals our clients look to for years of service to their family. We want your quote here too, so give us a call today.

B. Crist - September 2007

"Unafraid of hark work. Maryann and Ruth go that extra mile to get the details taken care of, timely and reliable."

S. Turner - November 2007

"It is always a peasure to work with Ruth and Maryann; the process was painless and easy."

Mr. and Mrs. Ennis - May 2007

"The service was outstanding. Maryann and Ruth's extensive knowledge of the market and the team approach put us and ease."

Mr. and Mrs. Graetzer - May 2007

"Maryann's calm approach and professionalism assured us that we had found the right property for us."

Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey - May 2007

"Maryann and Ruth utilize excellent communication skills and knowledge of the market."

Mr. and Mrs. Merlet - May 2006

"Ruth's integirty, professionalism and knowledge of the market are second to none."

S. Ayoung - November 2007

"One of Maryann's greatest assets is her ability to communicate effectively."

Mr. and Mrs. White - June 2007

"The things we liked most were Maryann and Ruth's combined knowledge of the market and their ability to explain the details of the transaction."

C. Baehr - November 2006

"Maryann listens to what her client says, knows her market and community, and facilitates the sale to completion."

Mr. and Mrs. Sellars - June 2007

"We chose Maryann and Ruth because of their reliability. They were quick to respond and leveled with me as to what was needed to get the job done."

Mr. and Mrs. Piper - May 2006

"Maryann's greatest asset is her warm personality and sincerity."